Should you accept an offer from your insurance company that is below deductible?

Insurance companies are companies. They need to serve their customers and their stockholders and keep those profits rolling in. Paying your claim just below deductible ensures that YOU, the homeowner is responsible for all the repairs to your home or business.

First and foremost, it is pivotal for you as the insured to know that you don’t have to accept the insurer’s first offer. It may be hard to pass up especially if you have extensive damage and need to get your home or business repaired fast.

You have a right to have your home and damage reappraised. Contact the professional public adjusters at Coastal Claims to walk you through the process. Public Adjusters work for you. We can review your claim, inspect your damage, evaluate your insuranve policy and work directly with your insurance company.

Public Adjusters are trained to assess your damage whether immediately after it occurs or even after you have had an offer or your claim is settled or denied.

Your home and business are your single biggest personal investment and you cannot afford to let the insurance company pay you less than what you deserve.

Contact Coastal Claims for a review of your insurance policy, a home inspection or an insurance claim review.