Why do I need to use you if my insurance adjuster has already called?

Working for you, we will investigate your damages and prepare an estimate that has your best interest at hand to obtain you a fair and proper settlement.

What is the process of filing a claim?

Once we have filed our representation for your claim with the insurance company our insurance adjuster and the carrier adjuster will investigate the damages to your
property and write their own estimates. At that time, both adjusters will work towards agreeing on a settlement amount.

If the insurance company sent me a small, initial check, can I cash it?

In most cases, yes. The insurance company will owe what is due per your policy coverage and applicable damages/repairs. It is always good to read the check and be aware of any mention of “full and final payment”.

How long does it take until I get paid to repair my damages?

Payment comes from the insurance company and is at their discretion. It can take anywhere between 2 and 24 months. Every claim is different and has to be treated with expectations as such.

What if I already signed with another Public Adjuster?

You have 10 days from the date on contract to cancel and sign with another Public Adjuster if desired.

How do you get paid?

We don’t take an upfront payment for public adjusting services. We receive a % per state guidelines. However, please note you will always have to pay your hurricane deductible; deductibles have nothing to do with our services.

Can I tarp my roof/windows or anything else right away?

Yes, however be sure to take pictures/videos prior. Whichever company tarps the roof, request they take pictures/videos prior and while on the roof. If proper documentation is not provided to show what is under the tarp, an adjuster might not be able to write for the proper repairs or will request to have a roofing/tarping company remove the tarp so proper documentation can be completed.

Can I start to do any repairs?

The insurance company will expect you to do due diligence to avoid any further damages (such as securing the roof or siding with a tarp, drying out water, etc.) You can also complete any temporary repairs. However nothing formal should be started until the adjuster has been on site.

Can I do repairs myself?

Yes. As the property owner you can do your own repairs or choose a licensed contractor to do the repairs.

What happens if my insurance adjuster damages my roof when he is looking for damages?

You should document any concerns via photo/video and review them with your public adjuster and insurance company.

What if I got additional damage from a second storm?

On average most insurance companies have calendar year deductibles, meaning you would only be charged one deductible per calendar year. Additionally, if your first claim didn’t meet the entire deductible, most times you would only need to pay the difference. However, until you sign with us on both claims, we cannot formally speak on this until we can review your policy.