Hurricane Preparedness & Aftermath

Before The Hurricane

First, Create an Evacuation Plan for your home or business.

Know where the closest shelter is, and be aware of local limitations that could affect traveling closer to the storm such as bridges and floodplains. Don’t forget to include your pets in your evacuation plan! Many shelters or hotels won’t take animals, so be sure to plan for their welbeing as well! Have their vaccination paperwork saved in a safe place and/or on your cell phone. Also have a bag of any medications or other vital items such as leashes close by.


Secondly, Create a Home Inventory.

Not sure how to create or what to include?

In the event of a hurricane or other disaster, would you be able to recall all your possessions? If you’ve been living in the same place for years, the task of creating a list can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn more about creating a home inventory here.

Next, Utilize Your Cell Phone To Prepare.

Our cell phones are readily at our fingertips these days and don’t go far from us, even in the event of a catastrophe. If they don’t make it due to emergency evacuations or other reasons, many phones save information that can be restored or found in cloud storage. Learn more about what to store on your cell phone here


Lastly, make sure to Stock Proper Supplies

To weather the storm, especially if the power goes out. If you already own a generator, make sure it is properly working before the storm and in enough time to make applicable repairs if necessary. Store gas cans away from your dwelling, in a safe place. Have batteries, water, paper products, flashlights, non-perishable food and other supplies stored in a cool, dry place. Consider purchasing a weather radio. When a storm hits, power lines and cell towers tend to be offline and you might not be able to get pertinent weather updates.

After The Hurricane

After a hurricane, or any storm, it is your responsibility to protect your property from any further damage. Failure to comply with this obligation could result in denial of coverage. Temporary repairs can also be made, but no permanent repairs should be completed until your adjuster has inspected the property.

Below are just a few points that may need to be addressed in order to fulfill this obligation:

  • Tarping roof, siding windows
  • Boarding up windows, doors, entryways
  • Mitigating any water damage or mold by removing carpeting, drywall, etc.
  • Demolition of damaged building components – if proven to be unsafe
  • Hiring security guards to protect the property

You will need to save all of your receipts for storm related expenses: tarps and protections, temporary housing bills, costs from eating out due to a lack of facilities, etc. Keep all of your receipts no matter how inexpensive they may be.

You must also document your damages. There are numerous ways to document your damages, whether it is by taking pictures or videotaping the premises. Do not rely on your insurance company to document your property for you, as it is your responsibility to prove your losses to them. In order to do this, you will need to have an accurate inventory of items that were destroyed. Everything should be documented completely so that you can be reimbursed fully.

Previously Denied or Underpaid Claim?

Homeowners and business owners often come to us with denied or underpaid claims.  It can take weeks or months to have your claim investigated much less settled following a hurricane. Some policyholders are even denied their claims. If you feel you were wrongfully denied or underpaid, reach out to a member of our team immediately to review your claim and policy to see if your case can be reopened.

The stress of waiting for what is rightfully due to you, or not having hired a public adjuster, can cause some policyholders to take less money than what it takes to properly repair their property to its pre-loss conditions. In some states and instances, if your repairs did not cover what the insurance company sent, we can re-open your claim and readjust it to get the rest of the money you deserve.