HOAs & Property Managers

Homeowner’s Association, Property Management Company and Condominium Association Claims

  1. Working with a HOA, Property Manager or Condominium Association on an insurance claim can be multifaceted and quite complex. There may be a conflict between the association’s interests and those of the specific unit/home/office. Whether your position is full time or voluntary, this complex situation can be outside of your comfort zone or beyond your scope of work or experience. Plus, you have to factor in budgetary and reserve concerns, as well as additional liability the tenants might not be aware of.

    That’s why we are ready to work with you! We understand the complexities and nuances associated with these claims.

    Your time is valuable. Have you thought about who is going to schedule, gain access and attend the multiple inspections associated with assessing the damage? Are you prepared to, and confident in, your ability to separate the damages associated with the tenant versus the association? Do you know and understand your policy language in full?

    Policy language for commercial properties is long, detailed and involved. When we review your policy, a few of the items we will look for are:

    • Deductible amounts and if they alter due to the type of claim or damage
    • Confirm the policy covers structural damage to the buildings
    • Ensure shared common areas used by the community are included
    • Verify coverage for landscaping, lighting and parking lots

    HOAs, Condominium Associations and Property Management companies have some similarities, but also significant differences in the way each policy is written.

    Some of the issues we have extensive experience and are knowledgeable in are:

    • Bare Walls vs All In policies
    • Single Limit vs Individually Schedules policies
    • Collective Agreements vs Individual Responsibility
    • Subrogation

    All of these create issues in the claims process. We will take a deep dive into the damages that have occurred and work with you to ensure your entire property is restored to its pre-loss condition. Although this sounds like an unobtainable feat, we have helped resolve a variety of unique issues when multiple units/buildings/homes are involved and not all parties have made a claim; continuous roof systems, shared siding and foundation, shared firewalls and more.

    Whether you are a large or small organization, you’ll feel confident knowing we have handled groups of all sizes, a myriad of unique situations and have a national team of experts at our fingertips. We will be sure to answer any of your questions along the way and include you on all stages of the claim and discussion with the carrier. At the end of the day, we want you to feel supported and confident knowing you are in good hands.

    Compensation arrangements and services offered may differ as required by applicable state law.