What are Appraisers & Umpires?

If you have experienced a dispute with your insurance company regarding your recent property insurance claim, there are still options to work towards a better resolution and settlement!

What Is an Insurance Appraiser?

An insurance appraiser is an unbiased person that will review the entire claim and evaluate the value of the property or amount of damage in order to provide a professional and neutral opinion. If a public adjuster was hired previously on the same claim, the appraiser cannot be from the same company.

When is Appraisal Appropriate?

Sometimes the insurance company and policyholder cannot come to an agreement on an insurance claim. Oftentimes, policyholders think they have to hire a lawyer at this point, however this is the appropriate time for each party to hire an insurance appraiser. This is a method of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Insurance Appraiser

How Does the Appraisal Process Work?

After the appraisal clause/provision is invoked, the appraisers of the insured and the insurance carrier will review all the documentation previously submitted by both parties, conduct their own on-site investigation, estimate the damage, create a report and attempt to reach a consensus on the amount of loss.

What Is an Insurance Umpire?

An insurance umpire is a nonpartisan person, unrelated to either the insurance company or policyholder, who will solely review the entire claim including all documentation compiled to date and make an objective decision regarding the value of your property or the amount of property damage.

When to hire an Umpire?

If the appraisers still can’t come to an agreement, both parties will submit their reports to one agreed upon umpire. Once a final report has been compiled, the final settlement will be binding.

Compensation arrangements and services offered may differ as required by applicable state law.