The What, When, How, and Why of a claim can all be affected by the Who. Having a Public Adjuster fighting for you can be a big determinant of the coverage and amounts paid out to you. A Public Adjuster often referred to as a “PA”, is licensed and educated in the insurance process and policies. A Public Adjuster will fight for the homeowner by knowing what repairs will cost, what is covered, why you need certain repairs, when to report, when to respond, and how to present the details of the loss. A Public Adjuster is WHAT you need when you have a property insurance claim.

When your home has roof damage from a windstorm or a water loss due to a pipe leak, it’s the Public Adjuster who fights for you, the homeowner. Most homeowners who have a roof claim or water claim do not know what to expect when filing with the insurance carrier. For example, most homeowners may not know how much money it will take or what repairs are needed to restore their home after an A/C condensation line leak. A Public Adjuster will help you know the value of your loss so you are not left with big out-of-pocket expenses. A Public Adjuster will create a valuation of your loss and utilizes this information to negotiate with the insurance carrier to make sure you can complete all your repairs properly. 

Also, a Public Adjuster fights for you by knowing how your policy coverage, which is a homeowner’s contract with the insurance carrier, applies to water leaks, roof damage, roof leaks, toilet backups, storm damage, and pipe leaks or plumbing leaks. A Public Adjuster is specifically licensed and educated in how to utilize your policy to make sure the insurance carrier is properly putting the right amount of money towards the homeowner’s repairs. 

The knowledge of a Public Adjuster adds great value to the claim monetarily but also is there to do the legwork, which also saves the homeowner time and stress. The Public Adjuster is who coordinates inspections and communicates with the insurance carrier regarding your roof claim or water claim.  The PA will collect information about the loss and present all the details to the carrier on your behalf, so you don’t have to. 

All of the benefits of hiring a PA come without any out-of-pocket expenses. If the PA doesn’t recover damages on your behalf, then you don’t owe them. Consulting a PA is a great idea before filing a claim, receiving a denial letter or when the insurance company does not allow enough money for repairs. 

Coastal Claims Services works for the insured, not the insurance company, and offers residential and commercial services in multiple states. We are licensed property loss specialists and can help you get the best results from your claim. Our professional public adjusters will be by your side throughout every step of the claims process. This blog is not intended to be professional advice, and all services are not available in every state. We follow all state guidelines. Contact Coastal Claims for more information on our services: 1-844-2File-Now.